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Fetish Meanings


Antelope: Intelligent and curious with an active imagination.


Armadillo: Keeper of the home. He is thick skinned and reserved.  Slow moving, he makes sure he gets things done correctly.


Badger: Independent, passionate, and persistent. He has great knowledge of the earth.


Bat: Guardian of the night.


Bear: The great protector, he is also a spiritual guide and a powerful healer.  Guardian of the West.


Beaver: Industrious and diligent, he is a builder.


Bobcat: Elusive and intelligent, he is a solitary and independent hunter.  He is older brother to wolf and younger brother of mountain lion.  He is the Prey God of the South.


Buffalo: Provider to all, he has great emotional courage and the endurance to rise above one’s weaknesses.


Butterfly: Represents beauty and transformation.


Cat: Patient and independent.


Corn Maiden: Strength, creation, and wisdom.


Coyote: Hunter God of the West.  The master trickster who often tricks himself.


Crow: The keeper of sacred law.


Deer: Gentle, she sacrifices for the greater good and is a true and loyal friend.


Dog: A true friend and very loyal.


Donkey: Determination, intelligence and service to others. 


Duck: He represents the spirits of those who have passed on.


Eagle: Guardian of the Upper Region, he represents vision, higher truths, and a spiritual connection to the great divine.


Elephant: Strong and graceful, gentle and wise.


Elk:  Confidence, power, and stamina.


Falcon:  Power and harmony.  He has the ability to see the big picture.


Fish: Hides his emotions.


Fox: Clever and observant, he blends in with his surroundings.


Frog: Represents fertility and is associated with water and rain.


Goat: Fearless and industrious with a strong work ethic.


Hawk: The messenger of the gods.


Horned lizard: Represents longevity and self-reliance.


Horse: Swift, strong, and enlightened, he also possesses healing powers.

Hummingbird: A messenger who also has the ability to stop time.

Lizard: Patient and wise, he is also agile and talkative.


Longhorn: Intelligent and easy to get along with.


Lynx: Clairvoyant, he knows all secrets.


Mole:  Hunter God of the lower regions, he protects crops.


Moose: Headstrong and unstoppable.


Mountain Lion: Directional Guardian and prey god of the North, he protects travelers on their journeys and helps ensure successful hunting.


Mouse:  Attention to detail.


Musk Ox: Social but protective.


Opossum:  A master of strategy.


Otter:  Playful and curious.


Owl:  Protector of the home, he represents wisdom and truth and can see what others cannot.


Pheasant:  Confident and flamboyant.


Pig: Friendly, loyal, and intelligent.


Porcupine: Faithful and trusting.


Prairie Dog: A powerful sense of community and working together for the greater good of all.


Quail: Sacred spirit.


Rabbit: Special guardian of women in childbirth and also of children.  Gentle, charming, virtuous and serene.


Raccoon: Shy and resourceful.


Ram:  Increases herds.


Raven: The messenger of the great mystery, he represents magic and transformation.


Sheep: Charitable, elegant, and passionate


Skunk: Represents inner strength, self-respect, and a good reputation.


Snake: Represents primitive energy, and helps us connect with greater powers.  Symbolic of life, death, and rebirth, he is believed to have curative powers.


Spider: Represents the creative patterns of life.


Squirrel: Has the ability to plan ahead and is very industrious.


Turkey: Smart, elusive, festive.


Turtle: Oldest symbol of Mother Earth, he represents self-reliance, tenacity, and longevity.


Wolf: Guardian and Prey God of the East, wolf represents the ability to work together for the good of the group, loyalty, and family values.

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